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ISBN 9786055647629

AUTHOR Maria Diaz

SIZE 16.5 x 22.5 cm / 6.5 x 8.8"



PRICE $12.95 / £9.95

Ottoman Inspired Cross Stitch Motifs

75 New Models

About the Book

Ottoman Empire once stretched from the Persian Gulf to the Adriatic Sea, covering much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa, and it is the inclusion of so many cultures that gives its decorative art such ornamentation. With Moorish, Persian, and Byzantine influences mixed with European folk art there is a wealth of design to choose from. This book offers beautiful repeat patterns and borders using rich jewel colors as well as styles evident in Ottoman ornamental art. The motifs work beautifully on cushions, blankets, and table linens. With easy-to-follow charts and many options of Ottoman-inspired traditional designs, this is an inspirational project book.

About the Author

Maria Diaz

I am a freelance needlecraft designer whose work is published regularly in magazines and books worldwide. Specialising in cross stitch, it is the variety of subjects and styles I get to explore that makes my work so versatile. I love researching different ideas and playing with design styles sometimes incorporating more complicated stitches, although it is incredible what you can achieve just using simple cross & back stitches.

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