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ISBN 9786055647674

AUTHOR Maria Diaz

SIZE 20.6 x 22.5 cm / 8.2 x 8.5"



PRICE $18.95 / £12.95

Cross Stitch For All Seasons

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...

About the Book

This inspiring cross-stitch sourcebook presents a range of designs that will appeal whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling, with charts to suit any mood. Offering both new and experienced crafters a stunning collection of patterns ranging from smaller mofits to larger projects there is something gorgeous to suit any crafter.

About the Author

Maria Diaz

I am a freelance needlecraft designer whose work is published regularly in magazines and books worldwide. Specialising in cross stitch, it is the variety of subjects and styles I get to explore that makes my work so versatile. I love researching different ideas and playing with design styles sometimes incorporating more complicated stitches, although it is incredible what you can achieve just using simple cross & back stitches.

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